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The Philippine Navy Officers Wives’ Association (PNOWA) is a non-profit organization composed of legal spouses of active military officers in the Philippine Navy. Its corporate powers, the conduct of its business and the control of its property is handled by its Board of Trustees composed of the spouses of the Flag Officer In Command, Philippine Navy; the Vice Commander, Philippine Navy; Commander, Philippine Fleet; Commander, Philippine Marine Corps and the Chief of Naval Staff, Philippine Navy. The respective terms of office of the Board of Trustees is co-terminus with the designation of their husbands The Spouse of the FOIC, Philippine Navy serves as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees as well as the Adviser of the association. It has a set of 12 officers who are elected by the body every year with its President acting as the Chief Executive Officer of the Association.

PNOWA was established in the 1950s when it was conceived as an organization that catered to the needs and welfare of the families of the enlisted men in the Philippine Navy and through the years, it continued to pursue that mission. In 2014, PNOWA amended its Vision/Mission as follows, “To unite the wives of all Philippine Navy Officers; To help uplift the socio-economic conditions of the families and dependents; To establish and promote friendly and cordial relations not only among wives of officers of Philippine Navy but also among wives of all officers of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, as with other association dedicated to the same cause.”

While it vigilantly sustains its strength, PNOWA is an organization that grows continuously being handled by a line of advisers who were wives of former Flag Officers in Command in the Philippine Navy as well as a continuous line of set of officers and succession of active members - each group leaving its own mark on the organization.

“In the PNOWA, the projects and activities were efficiently, and almost always successfully done. And, the bigger number of the members have developed good and pleasant relationships with one another allowing them to work together. So, when one thinks of PNOWA and its future, one knows it will always remain productive and successful as an organization.”(Ripples Editorial,CY2000)

Indeed! It has been 20 years now and this still holds true.

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Source: PAGASA

Office of The PNOWHA
Bonifacio Naval Station
Naval Station Jose Francisco
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City
  POC  :   Mrs Edna Michaela Lanes
  Mobile :   (+63)945-5985-790
  E-mail :
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Mental Health Awareness
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  • The Philippine Navy Officers Wives and Husbands Association (PNOWHA) envisioned a mentally Healthy PN Family; it aims to promote and protect mental health using media and digital technology.

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