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Philippine Navy Officers Wives & Husbands Association
🗓 November 2020

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SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY and The Philippine Navy Officers Wives and Husbands Association (PNOWHA)

Social Responsibility is an ethical thing in which individuals/association are accountable for fulfilling their civic duty and the action which an individual must benefit the society. With this in mind, PNOWHA embarked on a project that dealt with its social responsibility to the Philippine Navy community. Thus, during the Enhanced Community Quarantie (ECQ) brought about by COVID-19 pandemic, PNOWHA engaged on a social mission while adhering to safety protocols issued.

On april 16 2020, when it was already deemed safe to go out strict safety protocol, PNOWHA distributed lunch packs to Manila Naval Hospital personnel and their patients

Subsequently, on April 22 2020 lunch packs were also distributed to Cavite Naval Hospital personnel and patients, Fleet Med dispensary personnel and to the Philippine Navy sentinels on duty.

On April 27 2020 PNOWHA handed out Food Packs to Manila Naval Hospital personnel and to its patients

On May 22 2020 PNOWHA distributed Care Packs consisting of hygiene kits, vitamins, masks and goodies to PN military personnel who were quarantined through its military treatment facilities at HPN, Roxas Blvd, Manila. Care boxes were also handed out to PN MTFs representatives which were intended for its staff as well.

On the same manner, PNOWHA in partnership with AFPOLCI Inc distributed vitamins to PN personnel on May 5 2020 and May 2020.

On June 15 2020 and June 17 2020 AFPOLCI and PNOWHA distributed hygeine Kits to MNH/CNH personnel and patients

And, On June 26 2020, Hygeine kits were given to PN contractual workers

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Source: PAGASA

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Mental Health Awareness
☀In collaboration with MNH Mental Health Team

  • The Philippine Navy Officers Wives and Husbands Association (PNOWHA) envisioned a mentally Healthy PN Family; it aims to promote and protect mental health using media and digital technology.

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