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  In our recent 'Ina: Ilaw ng Tahanan: Ang Mentalidad Mo ay Pangalagaan' webinar, we embarked on a meaningful journey focused on self-care and mindfulness. This event seamlessly blended hybrid event brought together 67 Fleet-Marine groups online and 44 in-person participants at the NBC Social Hall.

The event commenced with a warm welcome from Dr. Cyrin Valencia, one of our Board of Trustees, who emphasized that we, as women, should be physically and mentally strong and should feel good about ourselves. In her words, Doc Cy said: "That's why we need to have awareness because this is what becomes cancerous to our well-being."

Our esteemed speaker, Dr. Ma. Ella Mia Cabanlet, graced the stage, providing valuable insights on practicing mindfulness. She shared many valuable insights about our mental health and how mental issues start with our tendency to overthink simple things. She also mentioned its impact, particularly on military wives who experience anxiety in their everyday lives, especially because they are the ones left at home, whether as full-time moms or working moms. She also mentioned the mental state and well-being of men, with most of them not being expressive about their emotions, especially when they are the working dads in the family, and given the nature of their work in the military. Doc Ella highlighted the fact the many husbands tend to keep their feelings and thoughts hidden from their wives.

Talking about an individual's mental health is indeed very broad, but Dr. Cabanlet also emphasized that it's important to pay attention to it, not dismiss it, and to consider seeking consultation with a psychiatrist, if necessary.

Meanwhile, the use of bras as a display in breast cancer awareness campaigns is a unique and meaningful way to convey a message of strength, unity, and the importance of breast health. It celebrates diversity, challenges taboos, and raises both awareness and funds for a cause that affects millions of lives. These displays are a testament to the resilience of those touched by breast cancer and a beacon of hope for a future free from this devastating disease.

We extend our special thanks to Mrs MeLanie S Casaclang, PNOWHA VP1, for her inspiring closing remarks. During the program, early birds were given prizes, including those who shared their bra designs online.

PNOWHA is grateful to NICTS Cavite and NBC Commander Sir Richard David for the venue, and to PNEPWA, PMCOSAI, Kabataang Sangley, and NIC NBC attendees who made the webinar successful.

🗓 October 25, 2023 (Ina; Ilaw ng Tahanan Mentalidad ay Pangalagaan)

  In a remarkable display of unity and compassion, PNOWHA Assoc ventured to the scenic island of Catanduanes in partnership with Naval Forces Southern Luzon, under the able leadership of Commodore Joe Anthony C. Orbe PN. Hand in hand with NAVFORSOL and PAFCPIC, our mission was clear: to make a positive impact on the lives of the communities we touched.

We shared joy with 163 bright-eyed pupils by gifting them school supplies, igniting the spark of learning within them. Our care knew no bounds as we also extended support to 130 families through the provision of essential food packs. It was a heartwarming experience that aligned perfectly with our mission and vision as members of PNOWHA Assoc.

A resounding thank you goes out to Commodore Joe Anthony C. Orbe PN and the entire Team NFSL for making this extraordinary experience possible. Their commitment reflects the essence of NAVFORSOL's motto: "Mission First, Family Always, God Above All."

Special mention is due to the Commanding Officer of BRP LONINATO TO-ONG (PG902), CDR Harold Tabora PN, whose leadership ensured our safe and smooth journey from the port of Tabaco Albay to Catanduanes and back. Your dedication is deeply appreciated.

We are equally grateful to Mr. Roberto B. Molina, Principal of HICMING Elementary School, for his warm welcome and the sumptuous meal that filled our hearts and stomachs. Salamat na marhay Sir!

Our heartfelt thanks also extend to the Office of Naval Installation Command, headed by Commodore Alfonspin P. Tumandq Jr. PN, for providing us with transportation and security from Cavite to Legazpi City. Your support was invaluable.

Dios Mabalos NAVFORSOL for your warm welcome, the invaluable experience, and the exceptional leadership you demonstrated. This outreach mission was an unquestionable success, and we look forward to future collaborations.

In closing, we'd like to express our deep appreciation to all involved in making this outreach possible. Together, we are united by the spirit of community and the desire to make a positive difference.

#PNOWHACARES #PhilippineNavy

🗓 October 19, 2023 (PNOWHA Assoc's Heartwarming Journey to Catanduanes)

  The journey to Calargan Integrated School in Polilio Island on October 19, 2023, was more than just a community service program; it was a profound reminder of life's unpredictability and the resilience it can bring forth in each of us. Just like the twists and turns of the road and the strong waves that greeted us, the islanders were also thrown into a world of uncertainties. But in the face of adversity, they had learned to adapt, respond, and stand tall.

As we reached Calargan, the warm welcome from the islanders and the sumptuous feast of giant lobsters and other seafood filled our hearts and stomachs. Sharing a meal with the local officials allowed us to appreciate the island's beauty and the simplicity of life embraced by its residents. Despite being prone to meteorological occurrences and socio-economic challenges, they took pride in their way of life, proving that a minimalist lifestyle can lead to contentment and happiness.

Our conversations with the head teacher revealed their sustainable and eco-friendly choices, showcasing the power of living simply. Their resilience in the face of calamities, gratitude for the attention received, and unwavering determination to pursue education, even with meager salaries and minimal resources, left an indelible mark on us. Despite being underserved, they demonstrated that life could be exciting and full of potential.

As we reflect on our time on the island, our experience serves as a poignant reminder that, just as we steered the uncertain waves of our journey, we can also face the uncertainties of life with courage and grace. So, the next time you find yourself navigating life's twists and turns, remember that hidden gems of resilience and adaptability await and with them, the opportunity to make every moment count.

🗓 October 19, 2023 (Journey to Carlargan Polilio Island)

  This Tour Organized by the PNOWHA Association Officers, a meticulously planned event, brought together PNOWHA members, who embarked on an unforgettable journey through Manila's iconic landmarks. The day was filled with exploration, learning, camaraderie, and inspiration.

🗓 October 11, 2023 (PNOWHA Ladies Tour)

  The PNOWHA Webinar with the theme " Raising kids to be a lifelong learners among military dependents ,held on September 27, 2023, was a resounding success, with 68 participants joining via Zoom, representing the Philippine Navy across the forces and their dependents. This remarkable event provided valuable insights and fresh parenting tips, particularly tailored to the unique challenges faced by military families.

Our esteemed guest speaker, Dr. Gail Galang, guided us through an enlightening session. She emphasized the importance of nurturing curiosity in our children, encouraging them to ask questions, engage their senses, and explore their interests. Dr. Galang urged parents to actively participate in their children's learning journeys, providing unwavering support and promoting independent learning. Above all, she stressed the significance of setting a positive example for our children.

During the webinar, Dr. Galang introduced techniques like mindfulness rituals and square breathing, empowering parents with tools to navigate the demands of military life while fostering a nurturing environment at home. Her parting words, "When you feel like quitting, think about how you started," resonated deeply, reminding us of the resilience and determination that define our parenting journey.

The interactive session allowed attendees to engage and share their thoughts, further enriching the experience. It concluded on a heartwarming note, with the "zoomies" and an inspiring message from our PNOWHA Adviser, Mrs. Mercy Khristin A. Adaci.

This event marked another successful installment in our series of coffee talks, leaving participants enriched, inspired, and better equipped for the unique challenges of military parenthood.


🗓 September 27, 2023 Raising Kids to be a Lifelong Learners among Military Dependents

  "Enhancing Marital Relationships in Facing the Challenges of Military Couples"

The second part of our PNOWHA webinar series, titled "Enhancing Marital Relationships in the World of the Philippine Navy," brought together wisdom and insights to strengthen the bonds of love within the unique context of Navy life.

Key Points:

Esteemed Speaker: Dr. Cynthia J. Gavino, Ph.D., shared her expertise on nurturing strong marital bonds within the Navy community. Her passion for relationships shone through, offering transformative insights.

Lively Opening: Dynamic emcees Mrs. Bennet Tamayo and Mrs. Kate Wamil set the tone for engagement. Dr. Cyrin Valencia's opening remarks invoked the sanctity of marriage vows.

Converging Perspectives: Over 100 attendees from different Navy branches, loved ones, and civilian colleagues gathered for shared learning. Guided Wisdom: Dr. Gavino explored marriage fundamentals and military challenges, emphasizing strategies for positive relationships and recovery from infidelity. The "8 A's" of marital success were highlighted.

Engaging Dialogue: Active participation in the Q&A segment ignited insightful discussions. The Deputy of Office N1 added valuable perspectives on addressing marital challenges within the Navy.

Adviser Messages: Mrs. Mercy Khristin Adaci and VADM Toribio Adaci stressed strong relationships within the Navy community. Lucky winners received ₱200 GCash rewards. Grateful Farewell: Closing remarks by Mrs. Pinky Ezpeleta expressed gratitude to organizers and speakers, reflecting community sentiment. Biblical Wisdom: Emcees shared Ephesians 5:33, emphasizing the importance of love and respect in marriage.


This webinar transformed perspectives, equipping the Navy community with tools to nurture relationships. As we move forward, the wisdom gained will continue to uplift and strengthen the bonds within the Philippine Navy community.

🗓 August 22, 2023

  PNOWHA Reborn 2.0 Fundraising Event: A Day of Unity, Wellness, and Celebration

The much-awaited PNOWHA Reborn 2.0 fundraising event took place at the vibrant BNS Covered Court, marking a resounding success. Distinguished guests, navy personnel, their families, and participants on Zoom contributed to the electrifying atmosphere filled with excitement.

Esteemed personalities, such as PNOWHA Adviser Mercy Khristin Adaci and BOT members Ma'am Pinky Ezpeleta, with Ma'am Cristina Trinidad joining via Zoom, graced the event. Their unwavering support and guidance played a pivotal role in orchestrating this magnificent affair.

The day kicked off with an invigorating Zumba session led by the talented instructor, Jason Ketchup Manzilla, accompanied by a team of skilled professionals. The infectious energy of the dance routines set the tone for an exhilarating day ahead.

The event's highlight was the captivating performance by the Seabeesband, showcasing the exceptional talent of the Philippine Navy. Their melodic tunes filled the air with joyous melodies, leaving an indelible mark on everyone present.

Throughout the event, attendees were acknowledged and rewarded for their contributions with various prizes, including special awards and minor and major prizes. This added an extra layer of excitement and appreciation among the participants.

The remarkable success of PNOWHA Reborn 2.0 would not have been possible without the dedication of all involved. Special gratitude was extended to Mrs. Mean Unay for her invaluable assistance, while the support of sponsors like Botoy's Lechon Manok, owned by Ma'am Olive Lincuna, and Mrs. In In Belonio of PMCOSAI, Mrs Sharon Dela Calzada alongside PNOWHA officers and anonymous sponsors, played a crucial role in achieving the fundraising goals.

With 400 tickets sold, PNOWHA Reborn 2.0 was a major triumph. The collective efforts of officers and members ensured the event's success, and the funds raised will be utilized to support upcoming activities organized by PNOWHA, contributing to the well-being of the Philippine Navy community.

Looking ahead, PNOWHA is poised to continue its noble mission of supporting and empowering the Philippine Navy community, fostering unity and wellness in the process. The success of this event serves as a promising sign for the bright future that lies ahead for PNOWHA and its invaluable endeavors.




🗓 July 22, 2023

  The Philippine Navy Officers' Wives and Husbands Association (PNOWHA) and Asia Pacific Colleges joined forces for an impactful event on May 30, 2023. The event aimed to inform military personnel and their dependents about a significant Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between PNOWHA and Asia Pacific Colleges.

Attendees were warmly welcomed, with organizers emphasizing the importance of education and career advancement within the military community. Recognizing the sacrifices made by military families, the event aimed to provide accessible education options to support their personal and professional growth.

Representatives from Asia Pacific Colleges, Sir Edward Mendoza and Ma'am Joanne Dela Cuesta, presented an overview of available courses and explained enrollment procedures and the tuition fee discount. Detailed information about the college's curriculum, faculty, and facilities was shared, giving attendees a clear understanding of the educational opportunities available to them.

Testimonials from previous students and graduates of Asia Pacific Colleges, who were also dependents of the Philippine Navy, highlighted the positive impact of their educational experiences. These stories demonstrated the power of education in transforming lives, inspiring hope and empowerment among the attendees.

The collaboration between PNOWHA and Asia Pacific Colleges enhances educational prospects for military dependents while fostering a strong bond between the armed forces and the academic community. It prioritizes the growth and well-being of military families, promoting a harmonious relationship.

Overall, the event served as a catalyst for positive change, encouraging the pursuit of education and professional advancement within the military community. It instilled a sense of hope and opportunity, reinforcing the idea that education is a powerful tool for personal and professional growth.



🗓 May 23, 2023

   PNOWHA's Financial Literacy Program on June 16, 2023, empowered military personnel and their dependents for a secure future. The event, conducted both online and on-site, saw the participation of 100 virtual attendees and 30 in-person participants. The program was live-streamed on PNOWHA's Facebook account, expanding its reach to the Philippine Navy community.

A notable highlight of the program was the insightful talk by Mrs. Rowena A. Rapanan, PNOWHA's 2018 President and PRU Life manager. She provided valuable insights on financial management for military personnel, focusing on savings, wise investments, retirement planning, and financial security.

The forum was attended by esteemed individuals such as Mrs. Mercy Khristin A. Adaci, PNOWHA Adviser, and Mrs. Marie Venus P. Ezpeleta, PNOWHA Board of Trustee member, as well as representatives from PMESA, PNEPWA, and on-site PN personnel, fostering an enriching and collaborative learning environment.

By employing a hybrid format and leveraging technology and social media, PNOWHA ensured that the program catered to the diverse needs of military personnel and their dependents, making valuable financial knowledge accessible to all. This initiative aligns with PNOWHA's mission of promoting financial literacy and empowerment within the Philippine Navy community.

Overall, PNOWHA's Financial Literacy Program on June 16, 2023, successfully equipped attendees with essential skills and knowledge to make informed financial decisions, supporting military personnel and their dependents on their journey toward a financially secure and prosperous future

🗓 June 16, 2023

  On behalf of PNOWHA Official, we thank our speakers, Mrs. Tin Adaci, Doc Cyrin Rullamas Valencia, Mrs. Ma Celina Gaerlan, Mrs. Agnes David, and Mrs. Pinky Ezpeleta, along with Ms Pamela Andrada P. Sabarre, Mrs. Jenica Freya Nica Gagua, Mrs Daisy Javier and Mrs Eva Tagamolila for the success of The WE Talk. We listen: A Military Wives' Forum held yesterday, April 19, via Zoom.

We also thank everyone who attended from across the country. Special shoutout to the men and wome of Naval Forces Southern Luzon Navforsol PN!

Thank you also to the MAAP Academic Extension Service Unit for this opportunity to work with the Philippine Navy Officers' Spouses and Husbands' Association (PNOWHA Official). Thank you Calvin Bautista for the technical assistance.

🗓 April 20, 2023 (We Talk, We Listen)

Special meeting with the newly installed PNOWHA Adviser, Dr. Ruth Bordado. Said meeting attended also virtually by PNOWHA members, who were not able to attend on site in adherence to IATF guidelines. Present on site were the PNOWHA BOT, Officers and Flag/Star Rank Wives.
🗓 June 28, 2021

PNOWHA headed by Dr. Ma Ruth A. Bordado (Adviser) and BOT Laarni Herico visited & distributed Meryenda Packs and Jollibee Lunch Meals sponsored by BGEN CHARISSE MANZANO PMC (Res.) to Cavite Naval Hospital Medical Frontliners during the series of Covid-19 vaccination for Philippine Navy personnel/adult dependents and Philippine Army personnel held at Naval Base Cavite Social Hall.
🗓 July 15, 16, 19 & 27, 2021

PMCOSAI Adviser Dr. Vilma C. Caculitan spearheaded the distribution of Lunch Meal Packs to Medical Frontliners at Manila Naval Hospital.
🗓 July 16 2021

In collaboration with PMAAAI, PNOWHA held its first Virtual Concert for A Cause. A fund raising activity for the benefit of PNOWHA Grantees. It was participated by Local and International talents with the Navy Wind Orchestra, The Philippine Marine Corps Band and the AFP Battle of the Band 1st Runner Up Winner, The Seabees Band.
🗓 August 5 2021

Webinar on Family Mental Health Awareness sa Panahon ni Covid with Dr Maria Ella R Cabanlet as our Resource Speacker.
🗓 August 11, 2021

The PNOWHA distributed Ayuda Packs to 67 Door Keepers of Sangley and BNS sponsored by Puregold and other good Samaritans.
🗓 August 26 & Sept 03, 2021

The AFPOLCI organized A SWEET SATURDAY Zoom Date last September 4, 2021 to ignite love relationship despite the odds and distance that drew them apart and to bring them back to memory lane to rekindle the love for each other.
🗓 September 4, 2021

Distribution of PPE’s donated by BGEN CHARISSE MANZANO RESERVIST and grocery packs by Puregold to PHILFLEET, CNH, MNH, NSLGMD & NAVSOCOM
🗓 September 8 & 11, 2021

Zumba for a Cause was conceptualized by PNOWHA Sports Committee to raise fund to augment the medical expenses of PO3 Melinda Delos Reyes. Said EP was diagnosed of Stage 4 Brain Tumor but unfortunately, PO3 Delos Reyes did not survive the said condition.
🗓 September 30, 2021

Distribution of Ayuda to 8 Janitors in Manila Naval Hospital and 12 less fortunate kababayans in Gate 3, Nutrition Area as recipients.
🗓 May 31, 2021

PNOWHA in partnership with Asia Pacific College successfully conducted the Information Drive on scholarship program for PN officers, Enlisted Personnel and their dependents . The scholarship program offers 60% subsidy for college and 20% subsidy for graduate courses. The Information drive was conducted via zoom online application and attended by different offices and units accross the PN Organization
🗓 May 29, 2021

Distribution of checks for CY 2020-2021 2nd Semester for 16 Scholars with PNOWHA Adviser Mrs Rachel Bacordo.
🗓 May 24, 2021

Community Pantry intended for the residents of Brgy 42 - C Kalye Marino Cavite City.
🗓 April 29, 2021

Community Pantry at Gate 3 with 387 recipients.
🗓 April 27, 2021

Webinar on Mental Health Awareness with Ella Ria-Regondola Cabanlet, MD as resource speaker and was attended by 135 participants.
🗓 April 24, 2021

Provided “Goto” for 120 frontiners of Fleetmed and CNH
🗓 April 21, 2021

Food pack distribution for 150 front liners of CNH, NIC and street sweepers.
🗓 April 6, 2021

Food pack distribution for 200 front liners of Manila Naval Hospital and MP Personnels.
🗓 April 2, 2021

Webinar on Social Graces and Protocol with Mrs. Carlette Pama as Resource Speaker and There were 65 attendees.
🗓 March 26, 2021

Call on FOIC, PN by the PNOWHA officers together with Mrs Rachel Bacordo, PNOWHA Adviser
🗓 March 2, 2021

AFPLOCI General Assembly
🗓 March 6, 2021

PNOWHA General Assembly at PNGC Taguig attended by 35 participants.
🗓 Jan 23, 2021

PNOWHA Mental Health Awareness
🗓 25 November 2020

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Webinar entitled “Love on Lockdown” with MAJ Noah Hernandez and Mrs Faith Hernandez as resource speakers and was participated in by 78 participants.
🗓 February 26, 2021

Soccer Training conducted by Phil Younghusband with 18 children attended.
🗓 February 10, 2021

Other Activites and Events

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Mental Health Awareness
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  • The Philippine Navy Officers Wives and Husbands Association (PNOWHA) envisioned a mentally Healthy PN Family; it aims to promote and protect mental health using media and digital technology.

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