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Special meeting with the newly installed PNOWHA Adviser, Dr. Ruth Bordado. Said meeting attended also virtually by PNOWHA members, who were not able to attend on site in adherence to IATF guidelines. Present on site were the PNOWHA BOT, Officers and Flag/Star Rank Wives.
🗓 June 28, 2021

PNOWHA headed by Dr. Ma Ruth A. Bordado (Adviser) and BOT Laarni Herico visited & distributed Meryenda Packs and Jollibee Lunch Meals sponsored by BGEN CHARISSE MANZANO PMC (Res.) to Cavite Naval Hospital Medical Frontliners during the series of Covid-19 vaccination for Philippine Navy personnel/adult dependents and Philippine Army personnel held at Naval Base Cavite Social Hall.
🗓 July 15, 16, 19 & 27, 2021

PMCOSAI Adviser Dr. Vilma C. Caculitan spearheaded the distribution of Lunch Meal Packs to Medical Frontliners at Manila Naval Hospital.
🗓 July 16 2021

In collaboration with PMAAAI, PNOWHA held its first Virtual Concert for A Cause. A fund raising activity for the benefit of PNOWHA Grantees. It was participated by Local and International talents with the Navy Wind Orchestra, The Philippine Marine Corps Band and the AFP Battle of the Band 1st Runner Up Winner, The Seabees Band.
🗓 August 5 2021

Webinar on Family Mental Health Awareness sa Panahon ni Covid with Dr Maria Ella R Cabanlet as our Resource Speacker.
🗓 August 11, 2021

The PNOWHA distributed Ayuda Packs to 67 Door Keepers of Sangley and BNS sponsored by Puregold and other good Samaritans.
🗓 August 26 & Sept 03, 2021

The AFPOLCI organized A SWEET SATURDAY Zoom Date last September 4, 2021 to ignite love relationship despite the odds and distance that drew them apart and to bring them back to memory lane to rekindle the love for each other.
🗓 September 4, 2021

Distribution of PPE’s donated by BGEN CHARISSE MANZANO RESERVIST and grocery packs by Puregold to PHILFLEET, CNH, MNH, NSLGMD & NAVSOCOM
🗓 September 8 & 11, 2021

Zumba for a Cause was conceptualized by PNOWHA Sports Committee to raise fund to augment the medical expenses of PO3 Melinda Delos Reyes. Said EP was diagnosed of Stage 4 Brain Tumor but unfortunately, PO3 Delos Reyes did not survive the said condition.
🗓 September 30, 2021

Distribution of Ayuda to 8 Janitors in Manila Naval Hospital and 12 less fortunate kababayans in Gate 3, Nutrition Area as recipients.
🗓 May 31, 2021

PNOWHA in partnership with Asia Pacific College successfully conducted the Information Drive on scholarship program for PN officers, Enlisted Personnel and their dependents . The scholarship program offers 60% subsidy for college and 20% subsidy for graduate courses. The Information drive was conducted via zoom online application and attended by different offices and units accross the PN Organization
🗓 May 29, 2021

Distribution of checks for CY 2020-2021 2nd Semester for 16 Scholars with PNOWHA Adviser Mrs Rachel Bacordo.
🗓 May 24, 2021

Community Pantry intended for the residents of Brgy 42 - C Kalye Marino Cavite City.
🗓 April 29, 2021

Community Pantry at Gate 3 with 387 recipients.
🗓 April 27, 2021

Webinar on Mental Health Awareness with Ella Ria-Regondola Cabanlet, MD as resource speaker and was attended by 135 participants.
🗓 April 24, 2021

Provided “Goto” for 120 frontiners of Fleetmed and CNH
🗓 April 21, 2021

Food pack distribution for 150 front liners of CNH, NIC and street sweepers.
🗓 April 6, 2021

Food pack distribution for 200 front liners of Manila Naval Hospital and MP Personnels.
🗓 April 2, 2021

Webinar on Social Graces and Protocol with Mrs. Carlette Pama as Resource Speaker and There were 65 attendees.
🗓 March 26, 2021

Call on FOIC, PN by the PNOWHA officers together with Mrs Rachel Bacordo, PNOWHA Adviser
🗓 March 2, 2021

AFPLOCI General Assembly
🗓 March 6, 2021

PNOWHA General Assembly at PNGC Taguig attended by 35 participants.
🗓 Jan 23, 2021

PNOWHA Mental Health Awareness
🗓 25 November 2020

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Webinar entitled “Love on Lockdown” with MAJ Noah Hernandez and Mrs Faith Hernandez as resource speakers and was participated in by 78 participants.
🗓 February 26, 2021

Soccer Training conducted by Phil Younghusband with 18 children attended.
🗓 February 10, 2021

Other Activites and Events

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Mental Health Awareness
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  • The Philippine Navy Officers Wives and Husbands Association (PNOWHA) envisioned a mentally Healthy PN Family; it aims to promote and protect mental health using media and digital technology.

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